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 Welcome! It is a privilege to welcome you to our site! We work hard to bring a high quality puppy into your home as a new companion. Our French bulldog puppies are part of the life that we enjoy and could not imagine anything that might make us happier than to see each and every one adopted into a loving home.We have learned through years of experience that your satisfaction begins long before your puppy comes home. If we can answer some of your questions please call! We want you to be at ease with your decision and that can only happen when you come to believe in what we do. I work with my family in our home, I don't have a large kennel, but we work together and enjoy what we do. My daughter always wanted to keep every puppy and we made her a deal, that if she would allow each puppy to go to a good home, we could keep having more, in one way or another that is what keeps us raising these little bundles of fun. We love puppies. The few mommy dogs that we have are just part of our family. You will benefit from all the TLC that the puppies receive. Our hope is that you will find great peace and joy with your pet companion as you both go through life. Your puppy starts a regiment of healthy living from birth, what I mean is that I feel that it is better to avoid a problem than it is to cure one. Because we follow a Blue Ribbon regiment of precautions our pups travel better and arrive with little stress. That helps you to get acquainted with ease, and allows the bond between you and your puppy to grow right away. Without getting into a lot of detail, some people have wanted to do things with puppies that were too bad to describe, in as much we must reserve the right to decline your purchase order. We ask for a deposit to hold a puppy, it refundable for 72 hours and payment in full a week before they ship. Most of our puppies will fly to their new home, that's usually on Fridays, we will work hard to make arrangements that you can find easy follow! A call to verify arrival and your on your way!









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